Remuage bij Cinque Campi. Vanni legt uit...

Demonstration of remuage or how to get the deposit formed during refermentation in the bottle in the neck of the bottle.  
In most houses this process has now been taken of by mechanical Gyropalettes.

At Cinque Campi this is still all done by hand. A costly, essential, long and laborious process if you think we are talking thousands of bottles. While a very small production is a lot if all done by hand. The process is in three stages.
Pointage where a coup de poignée dislodges any sediment. The bottles are placed in a riddling rack, pupitre. And daily or every two days the bottles are given a sharp quick quarter rotation to send the sediment sliding into the neck, the so called remuage.
After the riddling follows the dépointage, stacking the bottles upside down, sur pointe, in crates ready for disgorgement.